What are Digital and Audio Recordings?  

Digital and audio recordings which can be sent through the internet have made analogue tapes an outdated and inefficient method of recording.


These digital voice recordings are clearer and give you the ability to transfer your files to your computer (via a USB port) and send as an email attachment or uploaded to a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. The distinct advantage is quicker delivery for transcription and you “always” retain the original file which eliminates problems with damaged or lost tapes which provides you peace of mind for your precious recordings.


What Digital Equipment to use?

From our years of experience with various recording equipment, we recommend Olympus digital recorders.


This equipment is user friendly and can be easily purchased from us.  Not sure who to call – contact us and we can give you the details of our preferred digital suppliers who are ready and willing to assist.


Types of Transcription

Overflow Angel has a broad range of clients from diverse industries. We transcribe legal briefs, medical reports, interviews, meetings, keynote speakers, university research projects as well as media presentations. All work is transcribed in accordance with our extensive Style Guide and emailed back as a Microsoft Word document. We can also dedicate time to become familiar with your personal styles and layouts.


Our Rates

Overflow Angel offers a reliable turnaround time tailored to your specific needs. Our competitive hourly or digital minute rates are available on application and vary from high priority, 48 hour, weekly, fortnightly and after hours weekday and weekend turnarounds.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and can provide a no-obligation free quote in line with your projects. Contact us today.


Our Availability

We are available when you need us!


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