Confidentiality & Privacy

Overflow Angel understands the sensitive and confidential nature of your recordings. We operate our website through a secure server and delete all files relating to your recordings upon payment.


Free Yourself from the Office

Overflow Angel offers you the flexibility and freedom to upload your recordings from work, home or on location. We provide you with the peace of mind to work in your own space knowing that your audio recordings are being professionally managed, transcribed and proofread.


Free Yourself from your Typing

Are you wasting your professional billable time typing? Let Overflow Angel produce your transcribed documents efficiently and let you get back to managing your practice.


Safe & Secure

Our Overflow Angel secure server is hosted by ShareFile, who ensure that all work is safe and secure when uploaded to our private FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. A FTP server gives the flexibility of uploading large files easily and effectively from one computer to another over the internet, or in our case, via our secure network. Our FTP server can only be accessed with an allocated user name and password and we make it easy by providing you with user friendly procedures. Want to know more?


Cost Effective

At Overflow Angel you only pay for the time it takes to produce your documents. You have no other overheads – no superannuation, sick leave or leave loading costs. We offer you the advantage of reducing your labour costs and we keep your work flowing!



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